Actionable Opportunities in Special Situations: Spinoffs, Bankruptcy, Restructurings

Special Dividend

RCM Tech (RCMT) announces $2 special dividend (25% of mkt cap)

“Due to the favorable cash generating characteristics of RCM’s business model, the Board believes a target long-term capital structure generally in the range of 1.0x to 2.0x net debt/EBITDA will allow the Company to invest internally for profitable organic growth, consider acquisitions that are a strategic fit to RCM’s core business, and, when appropriate, return capital to shareholders as part of comprehensive capital allocation framework that is reviewed quarterly by the Board. The Company recently expanded its credit facility to $35.0 million to accommodate the short-term cash flow requirements associated with this special dividend. Approximately $0.40 per share of the special dividend will receive the tax advantageous characterization of return of capital to shareholders.” Source

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