Actionable Opportunities in Special Situations: Spinoffs, Bankruptcy, Restructurings


Blackstone $BX completes spinoff of PJT Partners $PJT

Blackstone (BX) and PJT Partners (PJT) today announced the successful completion of the previously announced spin-off of Blackstone’s financial and strategic advisory services, restructuring and reorganization advisory services and Park Hill Group businesses, which have been combined with PJT Capital LP, a global independent financial advisory firm founded by Paul J. Taubman, to form an independent, publicly traded company called PJT Partners Inc (“PJT Partners”). Blackstone common unitholders of record as of the close of business on September 22, 2015 (the “record date”) received one share of Class A common stock of PJT Partners for every 40 common units of Blackstone held on the record date. The spin-off has been structured to be tax-free to Blackstone’s common unitholders for U.S. Federal income tax purposes, except to the extent of any gain or loss recognized by a common unitholder as a result of any cash received in lieu of fractional shares. Source

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