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Atlas Energy Group Spin-Co expects annualized cash distribution of $0.70-$0.80

Atlas Energy Group, which will be a indepedent company following its spin-off from Atlas Energy (ATLS) on 2/27, announced that it currently expects annualized cash distributions to be $0.70 to $0.80 per common limited partner unit based on initial expectations of cash flow to its business. The current forecast includes, among other items, approximately $37.5 million of cash distributions expected to be received from Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. from AEG’s ownership of ARP’s general partner and approximately 24.7 million ARP limited partner units, and is based on ARP’s current annualized distribution of $1.30 per unit.

Distributions to AEG unitholders will be paid on a quarterly basis, and the initial distribution for the first quarter 2015 is expected to be paid in May 2015. Source

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